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Accommodation at the monastery is in one of the huts situated in the bush; this is usually shared accommodation except in the case of solitary retreatants.  Bedding can be provided, but in the winter, you may wish to bring an extra blanket if you suffer from the cold.  A torch, raincoat or umbrella, and gumboots or other sturdy footwear are necessary. Those staying at the monastery are expected to attend the core daily spiritual activities.  All visitors are asked to respect the codes of conduct of abstaining from killing stealing, lying, sexual misconduct, and the use of intoxicants, including cigarettes.  Pets are not allowed on the monastery grounds.  The front gate usually is locked by 7:30 pm.  You will need to bring your own vegetarian food, meat may not be cooked in the Bodhi House.


Bodhi House
-- the original building of the centre built in 1976 is the hub of Karma Choeling: containing the lounge, library, shop, kitchen, dining room, shower and toilets.


Zopa Hut --
 double bunk house of about 5 minutes walk from Bodhi House accommodating up to 5 women in the western half and 4 men in the eastern half.  

Samten Hut --
newly renovated bunk house or family accommodation which will sleep up to 9 retreatants in two rooms, with flush toilet, shower, washing machine and kitchen. Situated along the path to the temple and just a few metres from the Bodhi House.


Individual Retreat Facilities Karma Choeling has been fortunate to have had visits from many high lamas, including HH Dalai Lama, HH Sakya Trizin, HE Tai Situ Rinpoche, all of whom have blessed the land, buildings, stupas and Buddha Statue and by doing so enhanced the capacity for healing that exists here.


Tsultrim Hut -- self contained hut with kitchen, and space for garden, which can be used for independent retreat.

Tsondu Hut --
north facing,  self contained retreat hut with bed / shrine room, separate kitchen, shower, long drop toilet and space for garden to permit long term retreat.


Milarepa Hut --
built in 1984, faces east with pleasant views of the bush, X sq m, self contained retreat hut with bed/shrine room, large verandah,  separate kitchen, gas cooker, pot belly wood stove, long drop toilet, space for garden 10 minutes walk from Bodhi House, along Bodhisattva Rd. It is intended exclusively for long term retreats.

Marpa Hut --
the original retreat hut built in 1977, faces east  across the valley towards the monastery.  It is a small and simple  self contained retreat hut with bed/shrine room, attached kitchen, and long drop toilet, 20 minutes walk from the main part of the monastery along Bodhisattva Rd.   It is intended exclusively for personal retreat.

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