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NZ Kagyu Monlam

Kagyu Monlam Prayer Festival for World Peace

The purpose of Kagyu Monlam is to gather together all practitioners to create universal aspirations of goodwill and harmony.  Kagyu Monlam is an avenue whereby we can spread, at times of great need, the genuine spirit of love and compassion to all the people of the world, first in Bodh Gaya, then in Bihar, and so on.  As we continuously offer these prayers for world peace it is our intention and our wish that peace and happiness extend to all (-- HH Karmapa Orgyen Trinley Dorje).  Following the success of the initial Kiwi Kagyu Monlam organised by Palpung Auckland in 2011, NZKKT was advised to carry on the tradition and this was confirmed with Ven Lama Chodrak, organiser for Kagyu Monlams around the world.  

Monlam 2016 led by Venerable Pong Re Sung Rap Tulku Rinpoche was held at the new Palpung Centre in Alfriston see the poster (right) for details or visit their website:  Venerable Pong Re Rinpoche, one of the new generation of tulkus currently studying at Palpung Sherab Ling under the guidance of Kenting Tai Situ Rinpoche, was born in New Zealand and attended Wainui Primary School before beginning his formal studies at Sherab Ling in 2000.  He completed the traditional 3 year, 3 month retreat in 2010 and was then appointed the Vajra Master at Sherab Ling.  Currently he is engaged in intensive study of Buddhist Philosphy and is learning Mandarin.  For more information:                                                     

Monlam 2014 -- 15th to 17th August, was led by Venerable Dekhung Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche. The 4th NZ Kagyu Monlam was yet again a joyous and sacred event with many wonderful people providing lunches, teas, videoing, setting up the sound system, driving the Lamas, translating, preparing the venue, making butter lamps, fundraising, cleaning, tidying, arranging flowers and working tirelessly to ensure the event was a success.

Thank you to one and all, we could not have done it without your generosity and participation. We hope the blessings of the Monlam remain with you throughout the year ahead.

The many generous contributions towards the airfares and visas of Venerable Gyaltsey Rinpoche, his attendant, Umze Karma Tshering and the Torma Maker helped us to cover our share the air travel for the Rinpoche and his Lamas from the Australian Monlam but many other expenses have yet to be covered. If you were thinking of contributing to the Monlam this year, it is not too late.  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated.

You can donate on line by internet banking into our cheque account:
ASB 12 3209 0303196 00  with the reference "Airfares".

Or you can post a cheque to 'NZKKT' (with your details on the back) to KCBM 66 Bodhisattva Road RD 1 Silverdale 0994.

Venerable Gyaltsey Rinpoche

Venerable Dekhung Gyaltsey Tulku Rinpoche received his highest Buddhist philosophical education as an Archarya from Karma Sri Nalanda University, Rumtek, Sikkim, India. He is well known to our resident teacher, Khenpo Ngawang Sanjay, who also received his education at Rumtek. Rinpoche has a special gift of healing using Tibetan and Chinese medicine and acupuncture, which has made him very well-known in Sikkim. The Sikkimese government makes a special driver and vehicle available to him so that he can more easily provide treatment and guidance to all those, rich and poor, who need him.

Rinpoche is fluent in Tibetan and Mandarin, understands all the local dialects of Sikkim, and is currently learning English. He has been instrumental in managing the overall welfare of Rumtek Monastery, the main seat of H.H.17th Gyalwang Karmapa, Ogyen Trinley Dorje, and the other peripheral Kagyu monasteries in Sikkim.

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