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Regular Activities


Please note that until our new Lama is available we are unable to run all our usual activities.  Please check with duty manager before coming out to the monastery for these meditations.
Lineage Prayer and Silent Meditation

6.30 - 7.30 a.m. daily in the Temple

The lineage of spiritually accomplished masters from the primordial Buddha, Dorje Chang, through Indian Masters Tilopa, and Naropa and Tibetan Masters Marpa and Milarepa have in their compassion, passed down their skills and wisdom through each generation right down to the present day. Without them we would have no instructions or blessings for practice and no chance for enlightenment. Each morning we start the day by reciting prayers to invoke their blessings and to aspire to emulate their accomplishments. There is a period of about 40 minutes silent meditation in this practice.

Avalokiteshvara / Chenrezig Puja

6:00—7:00 pm daily in the Temple. All welcome.

The practice of Avalokiteshvara (Chenrezig in Tibetan) recited daily in monasteries. Chenrezig represents the embodiment of compassion; puja refers to prayer through chanting. The mantra of Chenrezig Om mani pedme hung is considered one of the most powerful and is traditionally recited as much as possible both in meditation and daily life.  

Tara  Puja

2nd and 4th Sundays of each month in the Temple. All welcome.

‘Tara’ (Sanskrit) means liberator. There are 21 aspects of Tara, each having a special antidote for particular negative forces. Green Tara includes all 21 aspects, represents the activity of all the Buddhas, and is sometimes referred to as mother of the Buddhas.  Therefore, Green Tara practice is often done for removing obstacles on the path, and for success in life and business.  It is done regularly at Karma  Choeling, as at other monasteries, for the success of its activities.  You are welcome to sponsor a puja for any difficulties you may be facing in life. Cost of sponsorship is $200 and can be arranged through the office.

Medicine Buddha  (Sangye Menla)

1st Sunday 10 am in the Temple

Prayers to the Medicine Buddha  are beneficial for all kinds of healing.   It is said that if one practices Medicine Buddha puja sincerely there is no ritual of greater benefit and quality.  It is a protection against harm and disease and is very effective in  clearing  away obscurations that are the obstacle to Enlightenment. You may sponsor a puja for any illness or difficulties you may be facing in life. Cost of sponsorship is $200 and can be arranged through the office.

Ngöndro  — the Extraordinary Foundation Practice

Every 3rd month, contact manager for exact date; 4 x 2 hour sessions from 5 am in the temple

Following the instructions of the ninth Karmapa we practice the 4 ordinary and the 4 extraordinary foundation practices: Refuge and Prostrations, Vajrasattva, Mandala Offerings and Guru Mahayoga.  These practices involve a significant commitment and detailed instructions from a lama  are required before undertaking  them.

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